The joint working team between the embassy of Libya – Sweden and the Libyan community in Finland

Head of the working team: Dr. Mohamed Salem Al Mosraty

He earned the bachelor and master degrees from the electrical and electronics engineering department of the University of Benghazi (formerly known as Garyounis University) in 1991 and 1995 respectively then he had PhD from the automatic control and software department in Aalto University (formerly known as the Helsinki University of Technology) in 2004. Since his graduation, he has been working as a researcher and lecturer in the University of Vaasa then promoted to a professor degree and a head of communications and systems engineering unit at the University of Vaasa, Finland since 2009. He established the artificial intelligence and machine learning unit at the University of Vaasa and is currently working as a head of this unit. Al Mosraty has published more than 140 scientific research and books in addition to supervising more than 100 master theses and about 15 PhD thesis.

Phone Number: 0035446964500

Ahmed Salem Ali

Master and PhD degrees in Stomatology and Dental medicine from Helsinki University of Finland.
He has been working as an accredited dentist in the Finnish governmental sector since 2016.

Faleh Ahmed Bou Shahba

Master degree in Dental Medicine, Ireland
PhD student and researcher – University of Turku