Important information for Libyan citizens who are residing in the republic of Finland

The official authorities in Finland advised citizens to avoid leaving their homes unless necessary in the form of an optional quarantine. However, it is expected to impose some limitations of movement outside especially for residents of the capital. In general, you should follow the following instructions:
Do not panic if you experience some Coronavirus symptoms as it is a common period for the spread of the usual Influenza, which is somewhat similar to Coronavirus disease at its primary stages. For example, if someone has a fever or cough, he\she should not be afraid as these symptoms may subside in a few days. However, if these symptoms worsen and he\she feels difficult breathing, he\she shall contact health authorities to do the required investigations.
Unfortunately, doing Coronavirus investigations is restricted in Finland for those who are experiencing difficulty breathing or severe fever but anyone with other symptoms can stay home and take a sick leave until resolution of symptoms and should wait for another two days before returning back to work.
If you have difficulty breathing or severe fever with dry cough, you should contact the local health authority according to your accommodation site until 04:00 p.m.
After 04.00 p.m to 08.00 a.m, you can call the University hospital or emergency department and you will find the addresses according to your accommodation in big cities at the end of this article.
The health administration in Finland emphasized that citizens should contact the emergency department first before heading directly to the hospital and the competent doctor or nurse will evaluate the health condition by asking some questions to decide if you need to do the test or not.
If you need any inquires about this virus, you can call 0295535535
The health administration in Finland urges everyone who thinks that he\she may be infected with Coronavirus disease to do a test from some questions that will evaluate his\her health condition and decide if he\she may be infected or not. You can find this test here Unfortunately, this test is present in Finnish and Swedish languages only but other languages may be added soon.
Emergency numbers in main cities:
• Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa: 116117
• Tampere and its suburbs: 0417303436 from 08:00 a.m to 04:00 p.m during weekdays and from 12:00 p.m to 06:00 p.m at weekends. You can call emergency number 0331165333 at other times.

• Turku: 023138800
If you are living in other cities, you can know more details at this website in Arabic language:
If you have other inquiries or need any help, you can call or leave a voice or text message on WhatsApp or Viber at the number of the joint crisis team of the embassy of Libya – Sweden: 0449694500 or send a message to this e-mail:
We wish a rapid recovery for all infected patients, health and safety for everyone.